Looking For The Best Vacuum Cleaner?

Are you looking for a Dyson Vacuum for your house? If you are, you should look for high quality Dyson Vacuum reviews in which they have reviews of many models for you to choose from. Right now, the best vacuum cleaner may be the Dyson DC25. Among all the Dyson models available today we will look into the Dyson DC25 to find out what has made it the best pick when compared to all the other models, including the Dyson DC35.

best vacuum cleanerIt looks very similar to the DC24, but the DC25 has some major improvements to make it quite a bit better, and the best in the Dyson series. The first point that you should know is this Dyson Vacuum review discovered the DC25 has about twice the power as the DC24. Although the DC24 is slightly smaller and easier to carry around your house without much trouble.

With the Root Cyclone technology, the new DC25 is much better than the old version of the early DC24. It offers a wider range of cleaning because it can also clean a lot of different types of surfaces now. The new version DC25 also came with the old model’s brush bars, which are currently the best available right now.

One of the innovative features in the DC25 is that it can automatically adjust the height to fit the floor. The built in control for the brush bar is very useful in case you need to clean the hardwood surface. It will help keep you from making any scratches on your floor. The ball technology was applied in this model, too. The motor still moves inside the ball and it will create a low gravity, making it easier for you to control the vacuum.  With this design and the attachments, you can also use it to clean any furniture or item in your house. You can also use it to clean any surfaces such as the door gaps or stairs.

Do you know why the DC25 is the best one? It has an optional mini turbo tool to help make the cleaning process easier. It is now offered as a separate item which you can buy for the other models. So, a good price, strong power, and a reasonable size.  The DC25 is really the best buy. If you need one for your house, go for it!

Final words, the DC25 has some nice improvements from the DC24.  All of them are major improvements that have pushed it to the top. A lot of Dyson Vacuum reviews online recommend this tool as the best vacuum cleaner for your house. Even on some other sites, you may also see that many reviewers also say that it is much better than the newest model, the DC35. Before you buy it, you should check for all the information about it on my site and see how it compares to the Dyson Digital Slim or DC35. You should also check for my links to where you can get the best price.  Also make sure to check all of the accessories included. Some accessories are very useful when you need to use clean out some special surfaces such as glass, floor, wall pockets, stairs, etc.  When you buy it be sure to buy any additional attachments that you might need for your home.

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