What Sets Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Apart From The Competition?

A Dyson vacuum is the best vacuum cleaner that has changed home cleaning radically. Built with Root cyclone technology and adapted to modern functioning, it is the next generation vacuum cleaner. Its structure consists of firm sheets of plastic called ‘Liquid Steel’. It is constructed, bearing in mind the generally encountered problems of consumers. Some of its eminent characteristics are durability, superb maneuverability and quality cleaning. With latest designs in the pipeline, maneuverability has ameliorated, making its usage plain sailing and effortless.

dyson vacuum cleanersDyson vacuum reviews have painted a positive picture of these cleaners, leaving one to wonder what makes this particular cleaner different from others. The workings of Dyson vacuums differ greatly from its peers. While others are contingent upon filters for cleaning and performance is affected due to gradually reducing suction power, Dyson vacuums possess Root cyclone technology which operates synonymous to the cyclone. It does not have a bag inside. Like a twister, the air spins around the vacuum inside. This enables the dust and dirt, entering the vacuum cleaner to be pushed outbound, off the air stream. This clears the dirt in the air, when it travels through the filters so suction is not lost.

Continuing suction implies that as much cleaning as a person wants can be done by it. Regardless of the number of rooms cleaned, the performance does not deteriorate. Unlike other cleaners, they are slightly expensive but well-equipped for lifelong service. They have become a valuable market product.

Apart from its ‘no bag hassle’ and powerful suction, Dyson vacuum cleaners offer other benefits to the buyers. They are versatile and can be used equally comfortably on hard floors and large carpets. Also, they have a long lasting filter. It does not need to be replaced. A little wash would make it fit for use again. British Allergy Foundation has approved its use by allergy sufferers due to its effective dust removal. It even has utility tools such as the extendible hose which ensures stair cleaning while its telescopic reach cleans cobwebs and curtains.

Dyson vacuums have wide ranged models, each one having different features. Some of the models available in the United States include the DC24/25/28/35. It is important to know which model specializes in which aspect before purchasing it. Each model has distinct series which are assorted according to the add-ons, warranty and colors. For example: there is all floor series which has a warranty of 5 years with attached accessories. Some of these are DC24 All Floors and DC25 All Floors. These are yellow-colored and have stair toll and a large brush. Likewise, the handheld series, model, color and standard attachments differ for a 2 year warranty.

Moreover, each model is suitable for a specific lifestyle. The Dyson Digital Slim is perfect for places where maximum space is needed such as apartments because it is easy to store. Similarly, the DC35 is ideal for houses where the noise level must be low.

Dyson vacuum cleaners are a worthy investment, as they save the trouble of constantly switching between vacuum cleaners. Dyson vacuum reviews indicate that families prefer this cleaner over others because it is a one-time investment. It saves a lot of money which can be spent on various other things. Therefore, it is a must in every household.

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