History Of The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson Vacuum Reviews site has a question for you.  Ever heard of a vacuum cleaner with a motor that runs five times faster than a Formula 1 car engine? Well, the Digital Slim model from Dyson vacuum company can do just that. What makes that fact all the more impressive is that the Digital Slim is both lightweight and battery operated, taking only 15 minutes for a charge.

This is just a small sample of the technology found in Dyson, another chapter in their long history of innovation in this field. Ever since their original inventor and current owner Sir James Dyson created the company’s first prototype, breakthrough after breakthrough has made the Dyson brand what it is today, an icon of modern technology.

The idea behind some of the first Dyson vacuum cleaners came in the same way most inventions do, to fill a need. In 1979, James Dyson began to get frustrated at the problems that came with having your vacuum cleaner clog every time it began to fill up, and that way greatly reducing its suction power—and he figured he could do better than that himself. That is how he came to use the Cyclone separation system in his vacuums—the same technology which is used in many vacuum cleaners today. He got the idea while watching the industrial cyclones which are used in a local sawmill to remove the sawdust from the air.

After a lot of experimentation he was finally able to fuse the cyclone separation concept with his vacuum cleaners. Fifteen years and 5,000 prototypes later he began Dyson Ltd to manufacture his ideas for the public. Since then his company has continued to bring about new ideas, including the invention of Dual Cyclone cleaners, winning several prizes for design, numerous handheld and battery powered vacuum cleaners, as well as many more—and has even created the James Dyson Award, encouraging innovation in design, which is given every year to graduates around the world.

So if you are considering purchasing a new vacuum cleaner, try putting your money behind a company that has a rich history of innovation. Please enjoy this Dyson Vacuum Reviews site and all that it has to offer.

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